# Interactive Mode

As well as exposing 'traditional' terminal commands, Fractal also provides an interactive CLI for you to work with on your projects. This greatly speeds up running commands and allows you to do things like start a dev server instance and then still be able to run subsequent commands in the same CLI window.

You launch the interactive CLI by running the fractal command in your terminal. This will drop you into interactive mode, and you should see an info box appear in your terminal, with a prompt beneath it.

You can tell when you are in interactive mode because your terminal prompt will look like this:

fractal ➤

You can now enter commands to interact with your fractal project.

# Running commands

Commands in interactive mode are identical to the standard-format commands, except that you no longer need to prefix them with fractal.

For example, to start the dev server when in interactive mode, just use the start command. Flags can be used as per usual:

start --sync


Servers will run in the background without blocking the CLI so you can start a dev server instance and then run multiple subsequent commands without having to open up a new terminal window.

# Interactive CLI tips

  • You can use the help command at any point to show all the available commands.
  • To exit the interactive CLI and go back into your 'regular' terminal, use the exit command.
  • Global (as opposed to project-level) commands cannot be run from within the interactive CLI.