Upgrade Guide

Upgrading from a pre-1.0 version

If you have been using a pre-1.0 version of Fractal, you will need to update both the local Fractal version in your project dependencies and your Fractal CLI tool version.

CLI tool

Update your CLI tool to the latest version:

npm i -g @frctl/fractal

Per-project dependencies

Update the Fractal version in your project's package.json file:

  "dependencies": {
    "@frctl/fractal": "^1.0.0"

Then run npm update from within your project directory to install the latest 1.x version of Fractal.

Breaking changes

Fractal v1.x contains a number of breaking changes with respect to the 0.x branch. Most of which are centered around project setup and configuration.

  • Project setup: See the project setup documentation for details on the updated syntax for creating and configuring a new Fractal instance.
  • Template engines: The syntax for registering and configuring template engines has changed. See the documentation for the default Handlebars engine and the template engine customisation documentation for full details.
  • Themes: Theme loading and configuration has had significant changes, and the default theme (Mandelbrot) has been updated accordingly. See the Mandelbrot and the more general web theme customisation docs for info.
Last Updated: 11/15/2018, 6:54:11 AM