# Upgrade Guide

# Upgrading from a pre-1.0 version

If you have been using a pre-1.0 version of Fractal, you will need to update both the local Fractal version in your project dependencies and your Fractal CLI tool version.

# CLI tool

Update your CLI tool to the latest version:

npm i -g @frctl/fractal

# Per-project dependencies

Update the Fractal version in your project's package.json file:

  "dependencies": {
    "@frctl/fractal": "^1.0.0"

Then run npm update from within your project directory to install the latest 1.x version of Fractal.

# Breaking changes

Fractal v1.x contains a number of breaking changes with respect to the 0.x branch. Most of which are centered around project setup and configuration.

  • Project setup: See the project setup documentation for details on the updated syntax for creating and configuring a new Fractal instance.
  • Template engines: The syntax for registering and configuring template engines has changed. See the documentation for the default Handlebars engine and the template engine customisation documentation for full details.
  • Themes: Theme loading and configuration has had significant changes, and the default theme (Mandelbrot) has been updated accordingly. See the Mandelbrot and the more general web theme customisation docs for info.