# Collection configuration

Collection configuration files can specify a number of properties. Some of these apply to the collection itself, while other 'heritable' properties act instead as 'default' values for items contained within the collection.

See the configuration inheritance documentation for more details on this process works in practice.

# Collection properties

The following properties apply directly to the collection itself, and will not be inherited by children of the collection.

# hidden

Whether or not the collection (and all its children) should be hidden from listings and navigation.

hidden: false

# label

The label is typically displayed in any UI navigation items that refer to the collection. Defaults to a title-cased version of the collection directory name if not specified.

label: 'Website Layouts'

An integer order value, used when sorting collections. Overrides any order value set as a property of the directory name if set.

# order

order: 4

# title

The string that is used when a UI needs a title for the collection. Defaults to the value of label if not set.

title: 'My Favourite Website Layouts'

# Heritable properties

The majority of properties set in a collection configuration file apply not to the collection itself, but instead act as defaults which cascade down to the items within it.

For details on the available cascading configuration properties that will apply to child items, see the relevant configuration reference sections: